Friday, March 19, 2010

Zion's first blog post

By Zion Baca
Hey everybody. Well, I have been around on Earth for almost 5 weeks now and I recently discovered the power of social networking. So, I asked Mom and Dad if they would mind if I managed my own blog from now on. From here on out I will be taking over posting things and telling you all about my life. Mom and Dad will probably do some guest blogging from time to time as well.

So, I thought I would start by showing you some pics from the past few days:

This is my very first solo shot that Dad took of me relaxing at the hospital. Mom and Dad told me that they were really happy that I have so much hair and that when it gets longer Dad is going to help me "style" it.
Here is something that Mom made for everyone who came to meet me at the hospital. It's pretty cool cause it matches my room at home.

Let's see... now here I am takin' a snooze. Mom and Dad made this shirt for me to wear at the hospital. Which I have to say that as far as clothes go, it's pretty cool. Speaking of that, can someone please tell me what this whole "clothes" thing is all about anyway? Because to me it seems pretty strange... In fact, I am not sure I get why we wear them. It seems like a ton of trouble to put them on and then in just a few minutes they get totally dirty and we have to start all over again! I am really vocal about this and keep trying to tell Mom and Dad to just forget it, I would rather be naked- but either they don't get what I am saying or they are really stubborn because they keep putting me in all these different outfits.
What else? Hmmmm... I had a ton of visitors at the hospital. It was awesome. They would come in, cuddle me, say nice things about me, bring momma and daddy food or presents. I loved it. Here's a pic of me with Grandma-naye and Papa. What can I say? They love me.
Here is me and the folks right before they took me home.

Oh, and here's Dad strapping me into my car seat for the first time.

When we got home Dad gave me a tour of the house. My room is pretty cool. I will do a post on it later. My Auntie Katie told me she would come take pics of it and she is way profesh. So we will wait for her pics before we post it. Here I am though at home in my room with Momma.

Well guys, I hope that you like my blog so far. I am going to be doing lots more posts so check back often or you can even become a subscriber. You can do that by clicking on the subscribe button in the top right hand corner of the blog.


  1. LOL! I love it! Too cute!

  2. Ditto..totally love it! Excited to hear the world through Zion's eyes :)