Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Boy Baths

Hey everybody! Mom and Dad took pics of me taking my first "big boy bath" the other day. Unlike most kids my age I didn't cry. But honestly guys, I'm really not sure what I think about baths. First off, they are really wet. Which is a familiar, yet strange feeling. So, despite the fact that baths really do freak me out, I have found a way to make it through the entire bath without crying. (You may want to take notes if baths freak you out too cause this is some really good techniques for staying calm during your bath time.)
First, I tried lifting my hands and legs out of the water and holding them in the air. This gets tiring though. So now I keep my arms and legs in the water and I try to lay real still and put on my best big boy brave face. You can see what that face looks like here:

You may want to practice your big boy face in the mirror a few times so you get it right. Here you can see Mom washing my hair. Forget Johnson and Johnson, there's not a tear anywhere in sight of this big boys eyes!
Mom decided to keep my diaper for my first big boy bath because she gave me a "sponge bath" without it and I pooped. (he he.) Now, I can totally take baths without a diaper, but sometimes I do like to pee in the water. (he he.)
Well guys, it's midnight and I really need to quit blogging and go to bed. Everybody remember to practice your big boy face in the mirror!

Night-night everybody!

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