Friday, October 2, 2009

Zion's middle name

By Greg:
Well after much thought about what Zion's middle name will be, we have made up our minds. We decided to name him Zion Robert Baca, after the man who showed me what it means to be a good dad. If I can be the dad to Zion that my dad was to me then I will have succeeded.

Thank you dad for exemplifying this to me all my life. You have always given so much to provide a great life for me. I think of all the great memories together; camping, fishing, shooting hoops outside, vacations, and so many more. You've always been there as a strong foundation in my life and so much of who I am and what I do today is because of you. So not only are you about to have your first grandson but appropriately, he will also be your namesake! Congratulations Papa!

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  1. Greg, Thank you so much for calling to share this wonderful news with us. It was absolutely worth getting out of bed for! I don't know if words can express the feelings your dad is having right now but a few may be; honored, humbled, shocked and grateful! He said it's an "ultimate gift of love" and is just blown away!!! I think he may be crying himself to sleep as I write this. Christa, thank you as well. You are the daughter that we had always longed for. You are the most precious blessing from the Lord... and such a great little mommy already. We love you guys... all three of you... so much. Goodnight and sweet dreams, Mombo and Dad aka GG (GranGran) and Papa