Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Summer!

Hey guys! It's me Zion. Hope you are having an awesome day today. I know I sure am! Life is good and I am having so much fun! There has been a lot of commotion at my house lately and Mom and Dad have been SUPER busy. They started a non-profit when they got married called Go International. They travel all over the world helping people. In just a few days we are all getting on an airplane to Miami and Dad is going to go down and help some kids in Panama. I sure am gonna miss him a lot but I am so glad that he is going to help out the kids. I actually got to go to Panama last summer when I was in Mommy's tummy. You can see me in the picture above with my Panama maracas that Mom and Dad bought me- and I am all ready to go with my super cool missions travel outfit. Next summer I am definitely going to go on a trip with Go International and I can't wait!

So instead of going with the team to Panama Mom and I will be going to Massachusetts to see my Grammy Dee and Grandpa Chuck. I even get to meet my big Uncles Mike and Sean! It's gonna be awesome! Then Mom and Dad said that they are going to take me to this place called Disney World! I have no idea what that means but they seem super excited when they talk about it to me. So summer is going to be crazy busy. In fact, I am getting tired just thinking about it. I better get to bed before Mom and Dad see that I am up this late blogging. Comment below and tell me what YOU are going to do this summer! Adios!


  1. You will be seeing GREAT grammy and gramps too right? So glad you are giving grands some time with's soooo hard to have grandbabies and have them far away. You need to hug them, and "feel" their soft skin, and "smell" them! All familiar smells that you don't even realize you miss, until it comes around again in the form of grandchildren. My love to all....and thanks for "believing" in Matt...he's super excited, somewhat nervous, and we are focused for prayer!!!!!

  2. It does sound like you are going to have a great summer. I am excited that you may even get a trip down to Texas to visit me, youe Great, great Auntie Sue and of coarse Uncle Charlie. Great, Great Popa Harve is also anxious to meet you. You know he is 94 years old. He is so proud of your mommy and daddy and tells everyone about them being missionaries and about you being born on his birthday. Well have fun, Auntie

  3. Hey Mr. Zion!! The very last time you saw your Grammy Dee, she kissed you with tears streaming down her face, and I am pretty sure that the very next time you see me, I'll be crying tears of joy!!! I just want you to know my sweet Zion, that I don't cry ALL the time!!!
    Grandpa and I can't hardly wait to see you and Mommy!!! Have a safe trip!!

  4. oh my ...i adore this little blog. Cute idea.
    My friend is due any moment and am going to share this with her. Thanks.