Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're having a....

By Greg:
Today is the day that we've been waiting for! With much anticipation we headed to our appointment to find out if our first born would be a son or daughter. We were kind of split on this one. We could easily picture ourselves with a cute baby girl, and yet in the back of our mind couldn't shake a dream Christa had when she was 16 in which she was changing the diaper of a baby boy when her future husband (me : ) ) walked into the room. As I'm sure all parents can relate to, we honestly did not care what we were having we just wanted to know so we could start the planning. Check out this video of how it went down!

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  1. Oh sweet Christa, you are just precious!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We cannot wait to kiss our little Zion Robert Baca and tell him how much he is loved! GG & "PP"... now that's a great one!!! (Don't think Papa will go along with it though! hahaha!)